• PVC Plastic Flooring
  • Wear-resisting, prevent slippery, flame retardant, resistance to corrosion, low cost, simple construction, high simulation


    Job Responsibilities:
    1, responsible for the site's design, construction and daily maintenance and renewal;
    2, the site daily management of the system database, the database-related statistical information;
    3, responsible for the company Web site operators and business and brand promotion;
    4, responsible for the security of network operation, reliability and stability;
    5, maintaining cooperative relationships with other partner sites, television, radio, newspapers and other media;
    6, responsible for the company's Web site links, and site-level ad exchange cooperation promotion.

    1, computer-related professional degree or above;
    2, more than one year experience in project construction site, there is a large site work experience is preferred;
    3, skilled use of photoshop, flash, dreamweaver and other tools, familiar with ASP, JAVA, SQL, HTML and other development language;
    4, can independently work sites around the station, familiar with the Internet B2B, B2C website promotion and marketing operations;
    5, good communication skills and team collaboration capabilities, rich sense of responsibility, ability to learn.

    Working Hours: Monday to Friday